International Day of M.E.Awareness

12th May

Today, especially in the UK, there is a lot of presence in the media and across the internet about M.E.

I challenge you to find out about it, be aware of it and have a small understanding about this potential silent killer. Yes M.E. does kill, a little bit of a sufferer each day, unless they can get control of it. But that takes time!

In most cases it takes at least a year to be diagnosed with the illness; and then there are good days, where you appear to have nothing wrong with you, and then there are bad days, where you can't move or even get out of bed because of the agony of pain. It makes you stressed, angry, frustrated and you take it out on your closest friend, your loving partner. You don't mean to, but if you leave it in, it eats you up more and more and the stress and anxiety can be so great that it triggers other symptoms.... the noise around buzzes inside your head, a simple scream seems like 50 people have just screamed, the light is so blinding it hurts your eyes and all you want is someone to turn the light off, you know the light that is on your bedside table in the middle of the night. And the outcome is you are curled up, unable to move, unable to see anything apart from whats 10cm in front of you, being present but not being present, requiring people to lift you into a wheelchair, people speaking to you as if you are being pathetic and stupid. Yet your closest friend knows what to do. A cup of tea and something to eat, to bring you round... an hour and a half later you are able to move slightly, your senses are returning to some form of normality. 

Having a conversation is difficult, try keeping up with someone that is talking at ten to the dozen, "I missed that what did you say"... I missed it, i've lost what they are going on about... oh hell they are talking to me... "um, sorry I zoned out". You begin to make excuses for your failings, you're in full flow and then BANG! "What was I talking about?" You completely lose your train of thought and become flustered. People start thinking you are thick, want to hurry you up, don't seem to want to listen anymore, because you are not making sense and then you are all alone.

I'm kind of lucky. Yet there are people who are worse; who are unable to move at all, completely bedridden, requiring 24 hour nursing care.

So last night, during a home mass, we said a prayer on behalf of Rosalind Amor, for all those affected by this chronic condition known as M.E., as part of Rosa's wish to Light a Candle to Remember ME

Rosa wanted to make a collage of photos of candles that have been lit. 
Please take a photo of your candles and email them so we can pass them on for her to use when she's well enough. 
If you still want to you can still support Rosa by doing the following 3 things:

You can also read more about this here.

Here is a prayer for when you light the candle:

Let this candle be a reminder of all those who have been affected by Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia...
  • May its light shine brightly to encourage those who struggle daily;
  • May it strengthen our will to bring awareness to professionals, authorities and those with no knowledge or understanding;
  • May it provide hope for children and young adults, that they may see a cure;
  • May it bring comfort to all those who care for someone afflicted;
  • May its light bring peace and remembrance to all those who have died.
For more information about M.E please go to Action For ME