Olympic Dreams

Click here to go to the London 2012 torch website

As the world seeks power for selfish gain.... a small glimmer of an Olympic dream visits this corner of the world and with it comes the community spirit that was given to us hundreds of years ago. The simplest of values that of love and hope is being inspired by the visit of the London 2012 Olympic flame. It visits Fareham, Gosport and Portsmouth today on Day 58 of its journey.

I encourage everyone to find a spot on its journey and be inspired by it. Be inspired to share in something with others. Go to the London 2012 website and be inspired to do something.

We were all taught to love each other as we each would wish to be loved. Not in a flesh sense but as a kindness. 

So with this travelling light of hope and love make sure we witness its power and rekindle its purpose in this small community.